The New Dictionary of the Portuguese Language, by Aurélio Buarque de Holanda Ferreira, has as a conceptual meaning for the word atelier "a place where there are major transformationsî. Thatís why we donít identify ourselves as an agency, studio or office. We are an atelier of design and art where innovation and experimentation take the lead. We are always experimenting, looking for something new, creative and different, transforming ideas into tangible projects. We are specialized in type design and we believe that a unique typography and a well-built illustration are the key to a result with personality. We take care of every single project in a singular way, applying diverse knowledge and manual features that make them always very special.

Alex Furtado

Natural-born illustrator, passionate about packaging and different types of letters, he is the daydreamer of the team! Responsible for making the workspace funnier, his passions go beyond design, being also well versed in biology and general culture.

Filipe Motta

Fond of typography and editorial design, he is the most diligent in the team and he always smells trouble in the smallest details! A typical Left-handed, his passions also permeate other areas such as board games and even classical and popular singing.

Paulo Caldas

Lover of games and illustration of various styles, he has the most skilled and quick hands of Locomotipo. Ready to face any challenge and enthusiastic about handmade projects, he is constantly looking for new tools and technical knowledge.

Thais Melotti

Graduating in Design, she loves to try new handmade techniques to further enhance her creations. Always with creative and different ideas for our projects, she has the hard task of knocking some sense into the team!

Pedro Mello

Graduating in Design by Ufes, he is vegetarian and a parties lover. Fascinated by branding, he is the youngest of the team. Always up to date with the trends, he is ever willing to learn and also to teach.

Giulliano Kenzo

Lover of comics, games and Japanese culture, he is responsible for managing Locomotipo's projects. Always with an enriching opinion about everything, he also contributes with his abilities of illustration and painting.


Like a person, each company has its own identity. That's why the logo design must be carefully constructed, also it is the first thing that the audience will relate to. Thinking of what is essential to the brand and working in a singular and exclusive way, we develop projects for different enterprises, setting the visual standard of forms, colors, typefaces, graphics, as well all graphic material needed (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, folders, labels, etc).

The publishing market is highly competitive. Therefore, it is essential that the book design translates their content and be visually attractive to the public that it intends to reach. Every single detail, not only on the cover but also throughout the layout, can make a difference to the success of the publication. We are able to develop different editorial projects such as books, magazines, newspapers, annual reports, interactive PDF, slide show, among others.

Typography is the soul of communication and is in almost everything we see. With the wide spread of digital fonts, it has become increasingly difficult, but necessary to stand out in the market. Therefore, we always seek to develop unique designs of letters, either for logo designs, lettering for prints, interior design, book and disc covers, as well as designing exclusive typefaces for companies and consulting on this matter.

Graphic Design has become essential for any communication material being a powerful tool for standing out on the market. Within this universe, we are able to develop layouts for business cards, brochures, flyers, banners, uniforms, custom gifts, billboards, plotting and vehicle wraps, social media, email marketing, calendars, menus, creative invitation cards, album covers and inserts, prints, store facades, display windows, among many other possibilities.

Illustration has a huge graphic and communicational power. In addition to sending messages clearly, it can bring more humanity to the project and cause greater empathy in the viewer. Experts in the subject, we develop illustrations for various media and purposes, such as editorial design, digital media, mascot and character designs, prints for t-shirts and accessories, patterns, mural painting for interior and external design, and every kind of challenge!

A good packaging design can be the determining factor for the marketing success of a product, being an important communication tool with the consumer. Given the undeniable importance, we are ready to develop exclusively both the brand and the design of various types of packaging such as bottles, jars, boxes, cases, bags, different labels and many other possibilities.

Signage projects have great importance and responsibility. The message needs to be conveyed directly, clearly and objectively, but in a pleasant way, without impairing visually or interfering negatively in the ambience. The Locomotipo team has the knowledge and experience of working with signage since college days, when part of the team gained experience by working in a research lab at Universidade Federal do EspÌrito Santo specialized in doing the signage of the university itself. Therefore we are able to develop different signage and wayfinding projects such as indoor and outdoor signage, board design, totems, panels, vehicle fleet, etc.

In a world where relationships are increasingly connected virtually through different devices, an institutional website visually well-built, interactive and easy to navigate is indispensable for those who want to stand out in the market. We are always thinking the best way to improve the visual communication of our clients with the public, we develop modern and responsive websites that suit different devices and screens that are currently disseminated.

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Typographic design
Graphic Design

To meet

The first step is to have a good chat, meet our clients, their business, their audience and understand what are their real needs. This data collection stage is what we call briefing.

To plan

Once the data was collected, it's time to analyze it and draw the strategy to be adopted. At this moment is defined the concept, the aesthetic and symbolic values to be addressed.

To create

Once the concept is defined, it's time to try out alternative ways, prototyping, testing and sketching until going through all possibilities. At this point we present to the client what we think is the best alternative and, if approved, we proceed to refinament.

To implement

When the creation is finished and approved, it is time to move on to the implementation. Itís time to formalize and systematize the delivery, follow the production and apply the creation on the appropriate supports.